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19th - 20th of August 2023, Sandefjord
09:00 – 17:00

Nobuo Uematsu

Nobuo Uematsu is a legendary Japanese composer and keyboardist best known for his contributions to the Final Fantasy video game series by Square Enix.

Uematsu joined Square in 1986, where he first met the creator of Final Fantasy, Hironobu Sakaguchi. The two later collaborated on many games at the company, particularly in the Final Fantasy series. After nearly two decades with Square, Uematsu left in 2004 to establish his own production company and record label, Dog Ear Records. Since then, he has composed music as a freelancer for other games, including those developed by Square Enix and Sakaguchi's development studio, Mistwalker.

Uematsu is perhaps most famous for composing the soundtrack for Final Fantasy VII, a soundtrack that he's also known to perform live.

Concert at Hjertnes Kulturhus in Sandefjord

Nobuo Uematsu is joined by his band, and the concert is held at Hjertnes Kulturhus in cooperation with Sandefjord Kommune.

This is a truly unique opportunity to experience a living legend perform his own music!
We hope that everyone who plays video games or loves music joins us for this potentially once in a lifetime opportunity.
The concert is held on Saturday 19th of August 18:00..

There is a limited amount of tickets, so make sure to secure your tickets as soon as possible.

Regular tickets: 750,-

There are 100 VIP tickets available, which includes a short meet and greet with Uematsu, a photo opportunity and an autograph of an object of choice.
VIP tickets costs: 1500,- (SOLD OUT)

VIP tickets:
If you want to have a seat closest to the stage, meet Uematsu and receive an autograph, you must book a seat on row 1 through 5.
The VIP category will appear when you proceed through the booking process.
These tickets costs 1500 NOK (regular tickets 750 NOK) and there are only 100 VIP tickets.

Panel and Q&A at Retromessa 2023

Det blir et Panel under messa på Lørdag, med Nobuo Uematsu og bandet hans. Se programmet here.

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